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Helping ambitious women who want more, outsmart the inner critic and switch on confidence to accomplish their dreams.


Are you putting off taking the next step in your career, business or personal life? You have a goal or idea but are struggling to take your dream to reality? Does an inner voice pop up telling you that you wont succeed and that you're not good enough? Does it stop you from making the progress you desire and show up as procrastination, excuses, anxiety, perfectionism, over-analysing, over-thinking or over-worrying?



You're not alone, that voice, the inner critic wants you to stay in your comfort zone! Its job is to protect you and nearly always shows up when we want to level up! The inner critic will make you feel that the comfort zone feels quite cosy, and you almost believe it, but then 'the dream' pops up again.


That feeling that tells you that there's more to life or more to business and you have more inside you to give. You know you have to do something! You ready yourself to take action. You're about to jump but then something stops you.  Fear, doubt, distraction and excuses kick in, the inner critic has come out to play, and so, the cycle begins all over again.

Hi there, I'm Zarina Grace and I will help you to 'outsmart' the inner critic and show you how to switch on confidence. I want you to feel empowered so that you can accomplish your dreams.

In my 12 step outsmart the inner critic and switch on confidence, you'll discover exactly what you need to do to bring about the changes you truly desire and transform that inner critic into switched on confidence for a life on your terms

"From pain to passion, stuck-ness to action,

I can open your eyes to the aspects of yourself that you cannot yet see."



Do you have a niggling voice inside that keeps getting in the way of you accomplishing your dream? You want to take the next step in your journey but constant anxious and unkind thoughts stop you from moving forward? Do you shy away from taking action because deep down you're wondering if you can make it? On the surface things may appear ok, but behind closed doors, you over-think, over-analyse and over-worry and seem unable to stop that noise inside your head. You know something is holding you back, and you know it's time to outsmart that inner critic so you can live the life of your dreams.


Would you love to be one of those women that has that inner confidence that everyone can see? Do you feel, if only you had more confidence, you would be brave enough to step outside your comfort zone and make some exciting changes in your life? Promotion, a new business idea, travel, or simply putting yourself 'out there' for a new challenge or the next stage of life? Would you like to find your voice and find your strut and feel able to take on the world every day? How would your life change and what could you have if you had the ability to just switch on confidence whenever you needed?


What do you dream of? What have you always wanted to do? You know, that burning desire that has been fanning the flames inside of you. Maybe you have tried to dampen the flames, tried to have an ordinary life, but deep down the question is always there; isn't there more to life than this? You know there is, you can feel it, maybe you've already touched it. Now you know it's the right time, you want to make a change, you want to get over all the obstacles that have been holding you back. You just need some structure, and the support to get you there. This time you just know, its time to accomplish your dreams.



Jane Jones

l was very down, had very high anxiety, low mood and panic attacks every other day. I couldn't sleep because I was overthinking. Anxiety was running my life and I cared too much about what people were thinking. 

Working with Zarina has been lovely. I have uncovered hidden emotions which has really helped. The little tools you've shown me have been so useful. If I'm having a bad day, I know what to do. You've been lovely and there has not been one time I felt judged. Talking every week has just been so helpful.


During the 6 weeks we have been speaking, I have had only one panic attack near the start! I'm not anxious like was and I am sleeping well and not waking up with 'the dread'. For the first time, I'm starting to feel more confident.

Katy Green

Zarina is simply a wonderful coach and inspirational figurehead to other women.


Through her gentle nature she makes you feel very at ease and she intuitively knows just what you need and how to support you to work through it.


She is warm, caring and has a wonderful energy that shines through her and her work.

I was very lucky to have met Zarina at the right time and she helped me through a personal situation that has given me a new direction and improved life. I couldn't recommend Zarina highly enough, whatever your problem she will find the right remedy for you!

Kerry Fox

I've been working with Zarina for a couple of months and in that time Zarina has supported me as I have transformed my life.


Zarina's compassion and integrity are incredibly powerful factors when working through and with less than helpful behaviours.

She intuitively knows when to challenge and gently push a little further. With her help, I'm able to see and act on the thinking and choices that have held me back from achieving the things I want to achieve.

If you are feeling stuck, or feeling held captive to the same thoughts and actions, I'd strongly recommend a conversation with Zarina. I'm enormously grateful to her and have learned so much from her.



Want to find out more about how to make transformations that stick?

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