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Zarina Grace

NLP Master Practitioner and Strategic Intervention Coach

Hello, I'm Zarina.

I am the founder of Zarina Grace, Women's Empowerment Coach and am professionally qualified as: NLP Master Practitioner (Accredited with NLPU, Santa Cruz) and Strategic Intervention Coach (Certified methodologies of the world renowned coach Tony Robbins).

I am based in Essex but work with women all over the country using the joys of modern technology and have been helping women to live happier, more fulfilling lives since 2015.

My mission is helping female professionals gain control of anxiety , outsmart the inner critic and switch on confidence for freedom and success

"Your voice has to be stronger than the inner critic!" 

The inner critic plays a big part in most peoples lives and especially when we want to experience new and bigger challenges or goals. Any step outside our comfort zone has our brains screaming 'danger' as it tries to protect us from pain.

When it comes to life and business, there are constant challenges that appear if we want to develop and grow. However, life can become very busy and stressful and it can be easy to lose sight of the things that our heart desires as our mind does everything it can to keep us safe!


The inner critic can be loud, and very persuasive... so you just have to step up and be even more powerful.


"Set you sights and master your life."

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a better version of myself, so I sought guidance, read avidly and studied as much as I could, which has empowered me to find powerful and effective strategies to tame my fear and be uber aware of my inner critic and so I happily live a life of more purpose and keep pushing the boundaries to be a bigger and better version of myself everyday.

I have successfully owned and built three businesses, raised a beautiful teenage daughter (as a single mum for seven years, working fulltime in a corporate setting whilst also building a business) and have had to push through fear over and over and silence that pesky inner voice while I built a confident and resourceful base. What I learned now drives me to help other women to experience life on a bigger playing field , to outsmart the inner critic, switch on confidence and accomplish their dreams over and over again.

"I truly believe that all the answers we seek, lie deep within us."

For many years, I searched for an answer outside of me... a better job, a bigger house, a nicer man!

On my journey, I discovered that I have everything I need, right here, right now.

I can open your eyes to help you see the things you're not aware of.

In just a few sessions you will have real clarity and be excited to achieve your goals.

You will be freed from limited thinking and feel stronger and more powerful in your 'self' and your situation.

You will resolve the issues from the past and discover the joy and essence of who you really are.

"I will help you create a life that is a true reflection of all that you want to become."

I remember feeling dissatisfied with my life, not knowing what I wanted yet, but knowing it wasn't where I was.

As I began to embrace my inner critic, everything began to slot into place.

True happiness lies outside of your comfort zone, pushing boundaries and expanding your world.

"It's time to embrace everything that life has to offer.​"

You too can live a life that is beyond that which you thought could be possible.

With guidance and a new depth of understanding, I can help you find your inner power and the confidence to pursue all the things in life that will bring you happiness, peace and joy.

"The world is yours to discover and conquer.​"