So Zarina... What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a successful form of talking therapy, which helps to turn people's lives around. A Life Coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.


Coaching for sports is more well known, and just as a sports coach will help their client to improve performance, mentally and skilfully, a Life Coach is there to improve performance in life.


It's also important to say that Life Coaching is a non-therapeutic intervention and is different to counselling and psychotherapy, which largely focus on working through past history. Life Coaching is largely focused in the present and the future.


So, in a nutshell, coaching is intended for clients who wish to enhance their performance and improve an aspect of their life, to move from their current state to a desired state. 

What made you want to be a Life Coach?


I have always had a fascination with psychology since studying it at school, and I always felt I had a gift for understanding people and have great perspective of peoples inner motives. I can very quickly see past the surface and have an intuition as to why people behave and feel the way they do.


When I was younger I wasn't sure how I could use my skills professionally as I didn't feel working as a counsellor and talking about problems every day felt right to me. When I discovered Life Coaching and NLP, I started to explore 'Positive Psychology' which was about taking people from being 'ok' to being fantastic! My heart lit up with the thought  of helping people to tap into their true potential and guide them towards being their best self. That made me feel aligned, like I'd found my calling in life. So it became my goal and mission. 

Can you explain what methods you use?


Absolutely, I'm trained as a Master Practitioner in NLP, so many of my methods are NLP based. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which I describe as a set of tools and techniques that are designed to enhance human excellence. It's uses are wide and extremely effective and can unravel old outdated programmes that we can run in our subconscious, often programmes that we created as children, that worked to serve us back then, but don't serve us as adults. The great thing about NLP is that you can work on issues without having to drag up difficult feelings from the past which can be a real bonus for people who don't want to re-live past experiences.

I am also trained as a Strategic Intervention (SI) Life Coach, which is the coaching methods that are used and taught by the world renowned author / coach Tony Robbins. Again, the methods are powerful and effective and SI finds pragmatic ways to intervene with unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to develop workable plans to take action in a strategic way. It is not restrictive in its approach and supports the ethos to 'do what works'. That ethos is great, because I am constantly learning new strategies and techniques from all different masters in the field and so I can keep adding to my skills and using solutions that work and change my clients lives.

What kind of problems do you help with?


The skills and knowledge I have can help with a huge range of problems, however, I am most passionate about helping women with the issues that I feel are a result of how society is today and also issues that I have experienced and understand from both sides. The difficulties that arise from having a variety of roles to play i.e. career woman, mothers, keeping the home as well as feeling the pressure from society to look good and the huge amount of conflicting information about diets and exercise and the like.


I feel that the pressures of todays modern life mean that women (and men) are suffering more and more with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, burn out, feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure, just to name a few. So they are the kind of problems that I work with because they have the power to break a persons spirit. I'm all about helping to light women up and find what makes them happy, gain or increase their confidence, so that they can do and achieve the things in life that they want and to do it in a way that supports their health and wellbeing. 

How long do you usually recommend clients spend with you?


It's a open-ended question because it really does depend on the client and what they want help with and how quickly they want results and how intensely they want to work. I offer a range of different packages and ways of working with me to suit different needs, If I had to give you an average, my current clients usualy see me from 3 months to 12 months. The thing with being a life coach is that the quicker I can stop seeing my clients, the more successful I am at my job, so that's my aim, to get to a place as quickly as possible where a client can continue succeeding without my support. 

Can you guarantee results?


Every client of mine sees results and receives benefits from each one of my coaching sessions, however, the onus really is on the client and how committed and determined they are to achieve their goals or desired state. Like the saying, 'You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' applies to coaching. I can offer the best strategies and techniques and help clients to have 'aha' moments, but if a client isn't committed to the process, they won't fully achieve their goals. Of course, its natural for change to be challenging and I will always support my clients through any resistance or blind spots, which often is when the biggest breakthroughs are made. So if anyone is reading this... When the coaching starts to feel uncomfortable and icky... thats the time to keeping doing the work because you are just on the verge of experiencing the magic!

How do you engage with your clients?


Most of my clients I see online using Skype or FaceTime. It works really well and saves people time as well as them being able to be in the comfort of their own homes. I also coach by telephone if need be. In addition to 1:2:1 sessions, I hold group sessions and workshops with intimate groups, which can be a great learning experience and an environment to change and feel supported in a group.

How much do you charge for Life Coaching packages?

My life coaching packages are tailored depending on a clients needs, so depending on how many sessions are required in a month and how long for, will impact on the investment they make. I have designed my packages so there is something to suit all of my clients, so a conversation to understand the clients needs is key and I also offer some lower cost sessions each month for those with lower incomes as I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for coaching. ​I think it's important for clients to consider what solving their problem is worth to them, how much do they want to change, how badly is their life being impacted and how long can they continue that way. The results of life coaching is proven and can be completely life changing and when you think about it that way, you'll understand that investing in something as important as YOUR LIFE is the best investment you can ever make because its at the heart of everything else

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