These sessions will help you to:

  • Set meaningful fitness and body goals

  • Pinpoint why and when you are making bad choices and how to make better decisions

  • Understand which of your emotional needs you are trying to meet with food and learn better ways to meet your needs

  • Identify and overcome events in the past that triggered overeating and weight gain

  • Overcome negative beliefs you have about your body and food

  • Look to a healthier future by understanding how you fuel your body for health


Results you can expect:

  • A new found motivation coming from within

  • Effortless decisions to eat nourishing food

  • Desire to want to exercise

  • Clear and focused thinking

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Better understanding of how to fuel your body

  • An end to emotional eating

  • To be in control of your body goals

  • Confidence in the way you look

  • Natural weight loss

Our bodies are our vehicles in which we must journey through our lives. So to have the best lives possible, it is essential that we keep our bodies in a condition that makes us feel happy and alive. A high percentage of the population are taking their bodies for granted and the price to pay is ill health, obesity, doctors and pills. Perhaps even surgery or a life threatening disease. 

Imagine how different your life would be to wake up every day feeling full of energy and vitality. To wear your clothes with confidence and move through your day with lightness, making positive food choices, enjoying being active and being in control of your emotional eating. Imagine actually wanting to fuel your body with nutrients and exercise and to feel strong and fit and healthy.

The Mastermind Your Body sessions give you a brand new set of tools. If you've tried diet and exercise and still keep coming up short, this is the missing piece... The Mind! These sessions tackle your mental state which is the underlying driver to ensure you succeed and is about getting to the root of the problem and re-wiring your brain to operate in a way which serves you towards better health. You will find that change happens quickly and permanently and you will no longer be 'trying' to lose weight or 'trying' to be fitter. Instead you will 'want' to be fitter and healthier and make daily decisions with ease that will lead you towards healthy body goals.

Its fair to say that a huge percentage of the population are struggling with their weight and body image. With mass amounts of conflicting messages about health and fitness, media images of 'perfect' looking women and the food industry confusing us even further with advertising and tricky labels. This coupled with our own personal stresses and emotional challenges, it really is no wonder that we are feeling de-motivated and confused!

You've tried all the diets and the various fitness classes and gyms but still you haven't found the solution to keeping fit and healthy or at least not a solution that lasts. Your mind gets the better of you and you begin to slip bit by bit, until you find you're giving up again (or at least until Monday). Sound familiar? I have created a programme that goes deeper into the psyche and gets to the root of the problem and gives you the tools to be successful with your fitness and body goals. You will start working on the root causes and tackling your mental state which is the underlying driver to help you succeed. You will literally re-wire your brain connections to serve you and you'll find that making good food and exercise choices will happen much more effortlessly and the changes will last. Your body needs to be strong and healthy so that you are full of vitality for your life and your loved ones. My mission is to do all I can to help you change your fitness and body mind-set for good so you can feel energised and look amazing.