Ever been in a situation, thinking how the hell did I get here?


Confidence at an all-time low with your inner critic telling you you’re not enough. Feeling stuck in a no-win situation.


Damned if you do and damned if you don’t?

That’s how I felt after my daughter was born. In a relationship that was volatile, but feeling like I had to make things work for our daughter’s sake.

I met my partner when I was in a really good place in my life and before long, we were in a relationship. He was free as a bird and working in the club scene as a musician.

To begin with, it was exciting, we got attached and partied hard. I became submerged in a life of music, being hedonistic and before long, I found myself in some pretty dark places physically and mentally and began to question what I was doing.

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Our relationship was suffering and I felt stuck between both worlds, not wanting to break up the party but wanting more balance and stability.

In an unexpected way, the universe must have been listening because it was at that time that I discovered I was pregnant. I was surprised, it wasn’t ideal timing but I wanted our baby and so I cleaned up my life ready to become a Mum.

My beautiful daughter arrived but the relationship was wearing me down, I felt anxious and alone every weekend while he worked the clubs and then dealing with the aftermath throughout the week.


I felt lonely and began suffering with underlying depression, anxiety and low confidence.

At the time, I was working in a blue-chip organisation and somehow managed a promotion. It seemed a big jump from administrator to company trainer.


I was dealing with relationship dramas almost daily and would arrive at work, with tear streaked eyes and be required to teach a class which just felt terrifying and almost impossible.

My confidence was shot to pieces, I felt I wasn’t good enough, I desperately needed help and so I looked to the company coach for support.

The coach supported my training journey but very quickly the conversation turned to my relationship.


I was in complete denial, but in time she woke me up and helped me to see the situation clearly. As we talked, I began to get stronger, more confident and clearer in my mind and even began to believe that I was enough.

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One fateful morning, as I sat at the dressing table getting ready for work, my partner and I had a horrible argument. He stormed out of the house and as I sat there, silently looking at my reflection, watching the tears run down my face, I searched those pained eyes, looked deep into my soul and a switch went off inside me.

No more... NO MORE.


I would not allow another person to dictate my happiness. I would not beat myself with that mental stick. I would not be weak and I would not be broken. No more. Not one second more.

In that moment, I felt propelled by something super human. I didn’t know what was going to happen, I didn’t care, I just knew I had to get out. That I had to reclaim my life and build my confidence back up for my daughters’ sake but mostly for the survival of my spirit.

I packed our bags and took my daughter to my parents’ home, never to return. It was a traumatic time but inside I felt like the world had been lifted from my shoulders and I could breathe again.

We rented a small house and rebuilt our life and I started a side hustle teaching dance fitness. I was a single mum for 7 years, working a full-time corporate job and teaching classes evenings and weekends.

It was challenging but that time taught me to be super resourceful and strong and I had absolute faith and confidence in myself.


I felt so inspired by the transformation that had happened inside of me, that one day, it hit me like a lightning bolt and my dream was born. I would help transform the lives of women who struggled with anxiety, low confidence and feeling they weren’t enough, just like I had.

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I immersed myself in my journey, training as a Coach and NLP Master with some of the best teachers and that’s when everything exploded for me!

I met my tall, dark, handsome guy, who makes me laugh and is a huge supporter of my dreams. I got deeper into coaching women and we bought a lovely home together which was something I never thought I would achieve.

This life is what I’d always dreamed of. A great guy, a happy daughter, a house to call my own. Being my own boss, in charge of my own time with a purpose and mission that sets my heart on fire.

Using powerful techniques, I mastered my inner critic and now have complete confidence in myself. The transformation from where I was to where I am now, is nothing short of astounding and I’m forever grateful to all the mentors, authors and coaches on my journey, because without them, I’m not sure where I would be.

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If you are struggling with your emotions, feeling anxious and know your confidence is not where it needs to be and you have that inner critic telling you you’re not enough, then I’d love to hear from you.


You absolutely deserve to have everything that you dream of and I can help you to feel more in control and help you cut through the critical inner voice and switch on confidence so you can create a life on your terms.

Don’t overthink it, book your free breakthrough session here and let the journey begin.