Jane Jones


l was very down, had very high anxiety, low mood and panic attacks every other day. I couldn't sleep because I was overthinking. Anxiety was running my life and I cared too much about what people were thinking. 

Working with Zarina has been lovely. I have uncovered hidden emotions which has really helped. The little tools you've shown me have been so useful. If I'm having a bad day, I know what to do. You've been lovely and there has not been one time I felt judged. Talking every week has just been so helpful.


During the 6 weeks we have been speaking, I have had only one panic attack near the start! I'm not anxious like was and I am sleeping well and not waking up with 'the dread'. For the first time, I'm starting to feel more confident.

Katy Green


Zarina is simply a wonderful coach and inspirational figurehead to other women.


Through her gentle nature she makes you feel very at ease and she intuitively knows just what you need and how to support you to work through it.


She is warm, caring and has a wonderful energy that shines through her and her work.

I was very lucky to have met Zarina at the right time and she helped me through a personal situation that has given me a new direction and improved life. I couldn't recommend Zarina highly enough, whatever your problem she will find the right remedy for you!

Kerry Fox


I've been working with Zarina for a couple of months and in that time Zarina has supported me as I have transformed my life.


Zarina's compassion and integrity are incredibly powerful factors when working through and with less than helpful behaviours.

She intuitively knows when to challenge and gently push a little further. With her help, I'm able to see and act on the thinking and choices that have held me back from achieving the things I want to achieve.

If you are feeling stuck, or feeling held captive to the same thoughts and actions, I'd strongly recommend a conversation with Zarina. I'm enormously grateful to her and have learned so much from her.

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