Where you’re at…


You feel like there is not enough time in the day and you're energy levels are shot to pieces. You feel overwhelmed with all the different aspects of your life that you feel you need to take care of. You are often late and disorganised because you're always chasing your tail, which makes you feel stressed and like you're always messing things up. Other people seem so in control and calm and organised and you feel judged by them. You try to be more organised but anything different thrown into the mix or time out for illness or holidays, throws everything out of kilter again. You're exhausted and overworked and feeling spread too thinly so you're not winning at life.

The problems you have…

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed can negatively impact your life and business, including:

  • affect your moods and health, with the risk of burn-out

  • stop you from achieving your goals, because they keep being put on the back burner

  • affect your self-esteem because you feel you are failing and carry guilt that you are letting people down


What you need help with right now…

Life coaching sessions will help you to take a look at your whole life, all your responsibilities and all the people you are committed to and assess what are the greatest commitments in your life. You need new strategies and to discover ways to do things differently to help you manage day-to-day. You need an outside eye to help you to understand what and who is eating your time and energy and re-evaluate what's really important for you and your life.

How can the ‘Take Charge’ package help you?

The ‘Take Charge’ life coaching package will start with a Breakthrough Session to understand where you are now, whats holding you back and what you would like to achieve. Following that, each life coaching session will include further exploration, new strategies and techniques that are specifically tailored to your needs.

These sessions will help you to:

  • Get back in the driving seat and think more clearly

  • Create new strategies to help you save time

  • Make time for you to rest, recharge and have fun

  • Strengthen your sense of self and realise you are the priority

  • Help you to set goals and break them down into achievable chunks

These life coaching sessions will help you assess what is really important to you and your loved ones. You will begin to feel more confident and in charge as you appreciate your challenges with new perspective. You will gain a sense of self assurance to achieve your goals and feel in the driving seat. You will understand the importance of self care and self love which will give you a new sense of personal authority and clear boundaries.