Coaching sessions will be a positive experience whereby you are in charge of your own destiny. We will work in a collaborative way and I will guide you through questions and exercises with gentle challenges along the way.  Both coach and client will be treated as an equal and with respect. If there is a particular way that the client prefers to be treated, they can make it known. If it is helpful for the client to learn, it is fine to jot things down or make notes after the session.

The coaching session will mostly involve you talking in response to being asked questions and guided through NLP and SI techniques and processes. This type of coaching largely focuses on matters of the present and future to help you clarify goals and strategies. This is different to traditional therapy which often focuses mainly on resolving issues from the past. Of course past issues will be acknowledged but with  view to change things for the better now and going forward. 

Confidentiality is paramount, so anything discussed during the coaching session will be fully confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else. In turn, if the coach tells any personal stories, this should be kept confidential too. It is a safe environment to speak honestly and openly. The only time the coach would need to go outside of this agreement, is if they became aware that someone was at risk of real danger or harm.

At the start of each session, the session outcome will be agreed by both coach and client. I will help you to clarify outcomes so that they are meaningful and aligned with your identity.

The number and frequency of coaching sessions will be agreed between the coach and client. Each session will provide benefits in their own right so it is fine to have individual sessions if this is preferred or if you have one thing you specifically want to address. However a block bookings of six sessions can be really effective for deeper change. 

Booking cancellations must be made to the coach in advance (at least 48 hours), otherwise you will be charged. For sessions attended, please aim to be on time, otherwise a session may need to be cut short or cancelled.